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LawyerBae Creator Inspires a New Generation of Attorneys




She’s was named Top-40-under-40 by the National Black Lawyers and the National Trial Lawyers; she’s a social media influencer, a lawyer at the prestigious Cochran Law Firm, and the creator of an Internet platform empowering a new generation of lawyers.  Like a force of nature all her own, Jessica Tehlirian is a star.

Born and raised in Dearborn, Jessica earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan.  She entered law school at Florida State University, where she earned a Distinguished Pro Bono Service Award along with her JD.  After becoming a lawyer, she capped off her education with an MBA.

Jessica’s path was shaped by injustice when tragedy struck and her brother was killed.  That life-altering experience propelled her to become a prosecutor.  In the 2nd Judicial Circuit of Florida, she successfully prosecuted criminal cases including rape and murder.

After sharpening her skills as a prosecutor, Jessica entered private practice.  She worked as a trial litigator at the Justice League Law Group in Jacksonville, and then joined the prestigious Cochran Firm, founded by the legendary Johnnie Cochran, Jr.

Jessica TehlirianJessica’s not only an accomplished lawyer, she’s a social media influencer too.  On Twitter she has nearly 18k followers, and she has 20k more on Instagram.  Jessica brings her marketing savvy to bear as the Cochran Firm’s National Social Media Manager.

On top of all that, Jessica created LawyerBae, a platform developed to uplift aspiring attorneys from diverse backgrounds.  LawyerBae “highlights and empowers young legal professionals through Business And Entrepreneurship.”  Jessica conceived LawyerBae based on her experience that “young, attractive, black female attorneys… were not always taken as seriously by their more traditional legal counterparts.” LawyerBae seeks to “debunk the idea that if you look a certain way you are not capable of being an attorney.”

LawyerBae is a platform where aspiring attorneys can be “celebrated and empowered with the tools they [need] to enter law school and have sustaining legal careers especially those from underrepresented communities such as minorities, immigrants, single mothers and LGBTQ.”  LawyerBae publishes articles, provides training, shares empowering content on social media, and even sells apparel.


Rising quickly to success, Jessica is a role model with a bold new vision for the legal profession, challenging outmoded stereotypes, and inspiring a new generation of attorneys.

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LawyerBae Creator Inspires a New Generation of Attorneys

She's was named Top-40-under-40 by the National Black Lawyers and the National Trial Lawyers; she's a social media influencer, a lawyer at the prestigious...

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