Free Legal Advice: Find an Attorney and Chat Online



There are a lot companies selling legal services online these days–from form documents to pay-per-minute platforms–most do not allow you to talk to a lawyer, and almost all them will charge you a fee.

The exception is LawZam: an online legal service that allows you to talk to attorneys online by video chat–and it’s absolutely free.

On LawZam, you can search for the kind of lawyer you’re looking for, and view profiles of lawyers with expertise in your particular area.

You choose attorney that you would like to contact.  If the attorney is online, you can begin text chatting immediately, and then start a video conference.  If the attorney is busy, simply request an appointment that can be scheduled via email, and meet online for your virtual legal appointment.

In the video conference, you can ask the lawyer legal questions and learn about their skills and experience.  Lawyers using LawZam are a potential resource for free legal advice: you can ask them your questions and they will likely give you their initial impressions, based on the information you provide.

If you need to find an attorney for your case, we suggest you chat with them online first to make sure that they are someone you want to work with.  Then schedule an appointment to meet at their office or save yourself the trip and start working online–virtually.

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