How Miami Criminal Lawyer Caesar Chukwuma Broke the Internet


Jeffrey “Caesar” Chukwuma (@iamcaez) is a Miami criminal lawyer, and an internet sensation with impeccable style.  After joining the Florida bar in 2016, Caesar has quickly become one the most famous attorneys on the Internet with nearly 50k followers on Twitter, and a whopping quarter-million followers on Instagram.   His profiles include photos exhibiting Caesar’s well-tailored suits, together with his “Law Talk” videos explaining the criminal justice system.  For example, in this video Caesar summarizes the trial process in 60 seconds, which generated over 40,000 views:

How did Caesar break the Internet, where other law firms struggle for single-digit likes? Caesar modestly suggests he “just fell into being social media famous.”  However, his social profiles suggest otherwise.  While handsomeness may give him a natural advantage, Caesar’s vibrant personality and authenticity shines through every post.  Having great style helps, too.  And once Caesar started gaining momentum as an influencer, he capitalized on the opportunity to reach a wide audience by creating videos that help people who are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system.

The average lawyer will never attain Caesar’s social media stardom.  However, his postings provide a roadmap for attorneys seeking online presence.  First and foremost, create great-looking content. Take a look at Caesar’s feed and you will find high quality photographs and a consistent visual aesthetic.  As with any marketing campaign, you need to put effort into your social media postings if you want to engage.

Secondly, Caesar demonstrates the importance of reflecting confidence in your brand.  His postings exude confidence–and people love it.  Creating content that reflects confidence in yourself will attract followers who will have confidence in your skills as an attorney.

“For a long time I thought that something had to give, that you couldn’t be a professional and still enjoy your life; However, life is about balance.”

Finally, Caesar shows us that lawyers can be real. Caesar’s postings are about more than just the law. “For a long time I thought that something had to give, that you couldn’t be a professional and still enjoy your life; however, life is about balance,” said Caesar.  “I think the fact that I’m an African-American male, who is intelligent, stays in shape, travels, is an attorney, and still knows how to have a good time is inspiring.”  Operating in that mindset, people see Caesar as someone they would like to hang out with, and that creates a large network of potential clients.  Moreover, Caesar shows us that you can have fun with social media and show the world that you aren’t just a lawyer–you’re also a human being.

For lawyers, there’s no guarantee that social media will increase revenue for your law firm.  However, Caesar used social media to create a personal brand, and his professional future appears to be golden.  So don’t be afraid to rock that burgundy-on-black suit at your next trial, and when you do, don’t forget to post it on IG.  Follow @iamcaez and you might become a better legal marketer.  You might even find yourself having fun.

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